COTD: Overheated edition

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That old rule about it not being the heat but the humidity doesn't apply when its above 100 degrees Fahrenheit along a swampy coastal area. Mole, Guacamole, come take a bow for your post on FIA rules made to be broken before my Slurpee melts:

Along the day, the FIA started another investigation, according to inside sources, apparently last year 5 individuals of the PitBabes team were non-compliant with the Girls in Paddock rules. Appendix MMXXVIV of the F1 sporting regulation states: "During the formation at the start of a Grand Prix, the team members shall wear uniforms that a) leave at least 55.8% of the body uncovered. b) all shall use high heels with a minimum height of 100 mm and a maximum of 120 mm with anti-spark out-soles. c) no sunglasses can be worn during the Pitbabes formation"".

It was noticed last year that 3 of the referred team members were exposing only 55% of the total body length and 2 were seen using high heels under the 100 mm mark.

Charlie Whiting, head of the F1 Technical Dept. and PitBabe Delegate expressed his concerns over the non-compliance, opening a investigation with the governing body.

He said on an interview for "As the pinnacle of Motorsports, the F1 requires the highest degree of attention to detail, both in and out of the track, the PitBabes team is probably one of the biggest selling points of any GP, hence, we have to regulate and reinforce our rules and this is just a part of that reinforcement."



Skaycog was late as a result Congrats on your COTD as these two gentelmen will bring this lovely car over as soon as that get that thingamajig on