COTD: Life Ain't Fair Edition

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When I was growing up, I used to hang out with this bratty but good kid. We would get into trouble, but because I was the nice kid and he was the bad one, he'd get the shaft.

We saw some weird double standards going on today when I got a ride through the streets of Weehawken, New Jersey in a completely reckless police escort. Just a little while ago, we saw some New Jersey cops get suspended for a police escort that wasn't sponsored by the Weehawken and West New York governments.


Our friend Matt Farrah pointed this all out today.

So let me get this straight, a cop leading a more-or-less controlled caravan in the left lane of the NJ Turnpike at 100 mph is enough to make news for three days, but a cop allowing Sebastian Vettel to drift a non-closed backroad through downtown Weehawken at an event set up specifically for media isn't even really questioned?

I like driving fast on public roads as much as the next guy, hell, probably more. And if you're going to let SOMEONE drift in downtown Weehawken, S.V. is certainly qualified. But really, how is this legal?

Delicious double standards.

Photo Credit: Agneta Von Aisaider