COTD: Just some good ol' boys edition

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Today's Dukes of Hazzard-esque lowlight was missing only two things; a pause mid-jump and commentary delivered in Waylon Jennings' gravelly voice. Luckily crank-o-tron stepped to the fore:

Well, it was right about then that them Duke boys started to wonderin' if maybe they hadn't hassled ol' Roscoe a little too much. They was always jumpin' the General Lee over him like a quick brown fox might do to a lazy ol' hound dog and now maybe the time'd come for that hound to start a-barkin'. See, the thing about that was them Duke boys didn't know nothin' 'cept for makin' a fool out of ol' Roscoe and never did come 'round to the fact that there just weren't no future in it. Roscoe, though - he maybe ain't the sharpest barb on the catfish, but he knew a thing or two about subconscious compulsions and just let them Duke boys keep a-playin' at it. See, what the Duke boys never realized about their Quixotic jabs at authority was that they weren't the rebel heroes that the era needed, they was just like Sisyphus pushin' a rock up that dang ol' hill - they never really went anywhere. When that General Lee crashed to the ground, all a tumblin' wreck, well that was when Roscoe decided that the charade had gone on long enough. The accumulated points on their licenses were just a little more than the law would allow. Them Duke boys would never set butt in a car again.


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wow Congrats well deserved