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COTD: James Bond Edition

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What makes James Bond movies great isn't that they're timeless; it's that they are so much products of their time. Movies like Goldfinger and Dr. No appeal to us because they show off so much of the ‘60s we idolize.

A lot of cars are classics for the same reason. They're the opposite of timeless. Altemus Prime grasped this idea as we begin to question the upcoming non-retro Mustang redesign.


More than any other car with a similar production run (I'm looking at you, Corvette) the Mustang has always been a reflection of its time. Have you ever noticed that the more memorable Mustangs come from more memorable moments in our history? 60's Mustangs are much sought after because they reflect the revolutionary times they were produced in. Early 70s Mustangs reflected the hangover that the country was feeling from the end of Peace & Love, while the Mustang II era reflects the 70's as well as any other car available during that forgettable decade. It continues more or less on to this day.

Because of my age, Fox body Mustangs are in my wheel house. The older models are old and, forgetting the SN95's for a moment, the 2005 redesign was an attempt to recycle what was old. That is why I think (hope) the next Mustang will be a reflection of today; an American BRZ/FR-S/Genesis Coupe fighter.


Photo Credit: MGM