COTD: Handy around the house edition

Aside from the car sales section of Craigslist, I spend a lot of time in the home repair department, stalking the day someone will part with the raw materials that I need to finish one of the roughly 374 projects that need to be done around the house but have yet to be tackled. Just like on the car side, the vastness of the listings would suggest pretty good odds for some real bargains, yet actual finds are rare. Even if you have the materials, they're no good without the know-how for using them, like the detailed directions TimTim gave for DIY YouTube stardom:

My Instructable for making high speed YouTube videos without ending up in jail:

Tools required:
Crappy digital camera with video capability
Automobile of your choice
Floor JackJack stands, 4x6's, or cinder blocks
Poorly lit driveway
Overly excited drunken buddy (optional)
Windows Movie Maker

Step 1.
In the dimly lit driveway: jack up your automobile, place jack stands %28or alternative%29 under the automobile%27s suspension so as to support the auto with the tires not touching the ground.

Step 2.
After a thorough check to ensure nothing is contacting the tires, proceed to start the automobile and row through the gears to your heart's content with camera rolling. Try to capture only the dash, pedals, gear shifter, and overly excited drunken buddy. No clear/focused shots out the automobiles windows. Take plenty of footage.

Step 3.
Upload your digital videos to your computer, browse for public domain footage of night time high speed chases.

Step 4.
Use Windows movie maker to splice together your driveway footage with the downloaded clips.

Step 5.
Upload to YouTube and tweet link "OMG140mph Audi run!!1 actual footage, not Ronin. #awesome"

Enjoy fleeting YouTube pseudo-fame from the comfort of your own lay-z-boy instead of a jail cell like some chump.

Don't over-do it on the drunken buddy, there's a point of diminishing returns. This is a high speed car video, not a drunken idiot video.


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