COTD: Fast car slow car fast edition

Lest we send the message that the Commenter of the Day award is always a function of how psychedelic a commenter's command of the language is, today we're opting for real value for the dollar. It's a lucid explanation of the slow-car-fast phenomenon.

By comparing the upcoming Toyotabaru to the Mazda Miata, our own Mr. Hardigree started a kerfuffle among those who believe a good car is nothing without massive horsepower. This ignores the commonly held wisdom that driving a slow car fast is more fun than driving a fast car slow. But it can sometimes even be more fun than driving a fast car fast. And here's why, thanks to BtheD19


Without getting into a "how fast is fast" discussion, the general point is that a car with lower thresholds is more fun to drive because those thresholds are more acceptable. IE, the FR-S may break loose in a 200ft radius turn at 50mph, and because you only have 200hp on tap, you've got a lot of pedal motion to play with before you're doing highway-speed donuts. If you're in a Z06, on the other hand, it may hold up to 60mph thanks to its much larger/grippier tires, but it will consequentially also break loose that much harder. Not only is it therefore less predictable, but with 505hp on tap, a 1/4" movement on the pedal is going to dial in about 50hp. That's much harder to hold.

In real life, it's always more fun to push the lower threshold car just because it's easier, and getting 100% out of the machine is the fun part. Part of its being fun is not having the feeling of "if I sneeze exiting this turn, I'm going to spin into the wall."

Ah choo!

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