COTD: El Caminos in the west

More than 2,000 people have added their words to our drive toward getting General Motors to bring back the El Camino, an impressive number for any drive, let alone one that's less than 24 hours old. But don't take our word alone for the appeal of the Elky; listen to the sage words of a young Jeremy Clarkson, who took his fuzzy-headed limey crap ass to Texas to sample an SS in its native habitat. Among those who have spoken, an early favorite comes from Nate Gnau:

Dear Mr. Ewanick,

I cannot express to you just how badly I want an El Camino back on these American Streets. When I was young, there was nothing cooler (and I mean nothing cooler) than an El Camino. Granted, The El Camino had been out of production for a year before I was born, but that does not mean that the streets of Granite City, Illinois were not completely rife with them. Now, not so much. But back in the mid-90s, they were the car to have. I thought my buddy's dad was the shit because he owned a late model El Camino.

To the members of any board at GM involved with the Chevrolet brand, I beg you: Give America's hoons what the Australians have had since 1987. Give us a new El Camino. And please, make one that even a simple community college student can afford. I promise, I'll give you my Allegiance until the day I die, and I can also promise that I'll completely forget how crappy the 90s GM cars were.

Nathaniel R. Gnau
Student & Business Manager, The Lewis & Clark "Bridge" Newspaper, Godfrey, IL


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