COTD: Caution, bull crossing edition

People often confuse speed with fear; you don't need to be going fast to get worried about the road ahead, as this ride on a Tata Nano in its native roads suggest. Which might help explain how jip1080 managed to strike fear much as a mother-chauffering Corvette driver did:

A number of years ago while I was home for the summer from college I took a high school friend to dinner one night. To get there we jumped in my dad's miata and took off along a great road up one side and down the other of a large hill through a forested area. I knew she wasn't the kind of person who drove fast, so I was going to take it easy. That's when the Triumph started closing up behind me on the run up into the main section. I'd taken a few of the "warm up" corners (fun corner, long straight, corner, long straight instead of cornercornercornercorner) at about 6/10ths and the Triumph driver noticed it. We came up to the second to last passing zone before the cornercornercorner...corner section and I slowed so he could pass.... he didn't. Couple more corners at closer to 7/10ths. Last passing zone. I slow to 50 in the 55, wave at him to pass. He doesn't. I'm pretty sure he knows what he is doing at this point trying to push me into playing with him. And he was right that I'd take the bait. I then told my somewhat unsuspecting passenger the pace notes for the first 5 corners or so from memory. She didn't really understand what I was getting at. The first bit is a right/left/right marked 40, then into a sweeping downhill into uphill left marked 20, 20 yards then a sweeping uphill blind right marked 35. Needless to say I was taking them at much closer to 8/10ths to see what the Triumph would do. That's when I heard the tire squeals from the Triumph as he took the corners behind me full hot. I knew it was on. Next few corners, 8.5/10ths. Not really trying to hard at this point, just trying to be as smooth as possible, Triumph was pushing. I lost track of the fact that I had a passenger for whom 56 in a 55 is excessively speeding. It was time to enjoy the ride... well for me at least. The next 3 or 4 miles to follow were more of the same; swooping corners, tire squeal from the Triumph, enjoyment for both drivers.
When we finished the run over the hill I had to veer off to a side road to head for the burger joint. Exchanged a nice smile and wave with the triumph driver and went along my way. That's when I saw the color missing from my passenger's face. Oops. She looked over and simply said "if you do that on the way back you'll be cleaning the vomit out of your dad's Miata."

What lesson did I learn? I can get away with it on the trip out... not the return.


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So I guess the Triumph failed to...triumph?

Also Miata are the worst car to have relations in.

With the top up.