COTD: Canada Edition

I've always fostered an irrational hate for the barren wastelands that we call Canada, what with their maple syrup, moose, and curling. Scratch that, curling and moose are awesome.

But it's cheery "oh, look at me America, I'm so polite and my system of government is vastly superior and oh don't you want a cookie I just took them fresh out of the oven" attitude is too goddamn much. I prefer my country's fast-driving, hard-living imperfection.


While we were watching a journalist in an M6 Cabrio get a sub-$500 ticket for 136 in a 55, Mooseknuckles compared this cost to what our northerly neighbors would have to pay.

Speeding laws are so 'lax in the US. 50kmh (30mph) or over in Canada (Ontario at least, other provinces have adopted the same or similar) is classified as "racing", "stunt driving" or some shit along those lines. Car is gone, license is gone, up to $10k fine.

Actually here is a break down from the Ministry of Transportation:

1-19 km/h The amount of km over times $2.50 = fine
20-29 km/h The amount of km over times $3.75 = fine
30-49 km/h The amount of km over times $6.00 = fine
50 km/h+ (speeding) The amount over times $9.75 times $1.25 = fine
50+km/hr (Stunt Driving / Racing) fine amount can range from $2,000 - $10,000

0 – 15 km/hr over = 0 points (minor infraction)
16 – 29km/hr over = 3 points (minor infraction)
30 – 49 km/hr over = 4 points (major infraction)
50+ km/hr over = 6 points + 30 day license
50+km/hr over (Stunt Driving/Speed Racing) = 6 points + immediate 7 day license suspension and car impoundment + up to 2 year additional license suspension upon conviction.

Not to mention the insurance increase on already insanely high insurance prices.

The following question asked by fintail, however, is the one I pose to you all. Is the US too lax in its speeding fines and its enforcement, or is the Ontario nanny state too restrictive? How much better do you want us to be at fighting speeding?

Photo Credit: Ron Dunnington

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