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I am waiting for the day when someone passionate and knowledgeable completely gets on my case about my occasional offhand use of the word "barbecue." I want someone to do this. I want to be interrogated about whether I'm talking specifically about dry rub or Carolina vinegar-based or Kansas City or whatever.


And no, grilling is NOT barbecuing.

Regional differences are fun. People are creative and adaptive. A twist here, an implemented opinion there, and the world is a richer and better place for it. Okay, so having someone get on a soapbox isn't always the best expression of brotherhood, but better that than a bland uniformity like too many silver sedans.


Same with cars. Who's to say why certain people like certain things? Manufacturers just have to pay attention and work with it, and hopefully it'll add flavor to their whole product line. Like with Kate's Dirty Sister prepping recipes for two Lamborghini show appearances:

Geneva special

1 Porsche Panamera
1 Lamborghini V12 engine

Preparation :
Take the Porsche Panamera.
Remove the rear doors.
Install the Lambo V12.
Apply some Reventon design cues here and there.

Your Ferrari FF competitor is ready.

Beijing special

1 Volkswagen Touareg
1 Porsche 4.8 TT V8

Preparation :
Take the Volkswagen Touareg.
Install the Porsche engine.
Apply some Reventon design cues here and there.

Your Maserati Kubang competitor is ready.

Photo Credit: Adam Kuban

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