COTD: Another good year for the roses edition

Time again to mark the birth of one Declan McManus, and note the changes in the musical genius from angry Brit clone of Buddy Holly to rock-'n-roll legend. Being a legend requires reminding those who weren't there at the beginning what all the fuss was about, something Porsche appears to be missing with short-sighted video game tactics, as Adidas notes:

Dear Porsche,

Have you paid any attention to the gaming industry for the last twelve years or so? Have you noticed the impact that this industry can have on sales at all? Please look at the Japanese for what gamers can do for you. In 1998, very few Americans knew about the Skyline, the WRX or even an EVO. And then they played Gran Turismo and loved these cars. That same generation went ahead and put pressure on the makers to bring these cars over here when they were all old enough to afford these cars in the early 2000's. Thus the WRX, EVO, and eventually the GT-R came to America. It wasn't by accident or coincidence that those cars came to the states just as the first generation of kids exposed to them in video games came into the income range.

So please look at the stats. The players and users may be useless for you right now. They can't afford shiite and probably spend the time picking pimples in between race laps in their mom's basement. But eventually the little fuckers will grow up, get degrees, become important and want a fast car. The car they want will be the one that most impressed them in their youth. Unfortunately for you it won't be a Porsche because they never got to see one in their youth. All they will know is that the P-car was owned by some douche(as the web tells them) and an old bug(as the Top Gear they watch tells them).

If all you want is old people buying automatic 911s and Cayennes and Panameras, then go ahead and you'll do fine. But if you want a new generation of Porsche fans, real old school ass engined sports car fans, please let the kids have some exposure.




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