This past weekend was the Michigan Mile, an event to see just how fast you can go on a runway in Battle Creek. A Corvette ZR1 in attendance did a couple runs, probably ludicrously fast runs, without issue. Then he did a burnout and crashed into things. Whoops.

We hadn't heard anything from the Michigan Mile over the course of the weekend, so we thought everything had gone off all hunky dory. Apparently we were very wrong.

Here's a dispatch from the field on what happened to the ZR1:

It wasn't donuts at all. He finished his lap, came around to do a burn out for the crowd and due to the lower quality pavement on the taxi way he power shifted, lost control and struck a vehicle. Everyone is okay and racing is a go.


And here is the full extent of the damage. It ain't purdy:


That suuuuuucccks. Crashing during a burnout is like tearing your ACL during a touch down victory dance. It'll sting for a while and nobody will ever let you forget it. Especially since he had done burnouts just peachy keen earlier in the day:

Here's the lesson for next time: Burnouts before the run. No burnouts after the run. Or, if you crash, be a real boss and just drive the car home. Sound good?


(Hat Tip to a mysterious, anonymous person!)