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Corvette Chief Engineer Says Claimed 6:59 Z06 'Ring Time Is "Fabricated"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This week, we heard that the Mustang GT350R can go around the Nurburgring in 7:32.19. Today we heard that the Corvette Z06 can do the 'Ring in 6:59.13. Both times, these reports have come from a site called Horsepower Kings and both times we were skeptical. Here's the issue: Chevrolet says the time is "not accurate" and "fabricated."


When the report rolled in, we were already skeptical. From our live Q&A with Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter just two weeks ago, we learned that the Z06 is yet to set a 'Ring time. They had tried in the fall, but got rained out, so they were going to try again at a later date.

They did set a time at Virginia International Raceway, which was 4.3 seconds faster than the previous time set by the ZR1. Tadge has told us to extrapolate the time from that. The ZR1 ran the 'Ring in 7:19 just a few years ago. While the Z06 has vastly increased downforce over the ZR1, it also would be slower on the straights thanks to the Z07 package. Our guess would be somewhere in the 7:07 area, which is still among the fastest cars to ever go around the Nurburgring.


When asked about the claimed time, Juechter told Jalopnik "That time is fabricated and not from us."

Furthermore, Chevrolet has issued the following statement on the time:

Thanks for the note. Chevrolet has not released a lap record for the Z06 at the Nurburgring, and the claimed time of 6:59 is not accurate.

Any one – a manufacturer, a journalist, a guy standing on the fence of the 'Ring – can claim a lap time. As such, we think the in-car video is essential to proving a time is real and credible, and Chevrolet will not to release a lap until we have a video to substantiate the claim.

As you know, there are only very small windows of time when manufacturers can record a lap on video. During industry pool days, all video and photography equipment is banned from the track – as there are multiple manufacturers testing confidential vehicles. The windows available for "exclusive" use for video are very small, and sell out fast.

Chevrolet accumulated nearly 1,000 miles of testing on the Nurburgring with the Z06. During that time, we only had two opportunities to run a lap on video – and both were rained out. If we get a lap on video, we will post an official time.

Until then, the only official lap time we can share is the Z06 time at Virginia International Raceway. At 2:41 seconds, it is 4.3 seconds faster than the best time for the ZR1. Here's a link to the video on the media site:…

We've reached out to Horsepower Kings to ask them where they've gotten this information and we've yet to hear back.