Corvettamino ZR-1 Is Pulling Our Leg, Still Awesome

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Who needs a Pontiac G8 ST when you can have a bitchin' camino-ized C4 Corvette ZR-1? Nobody that's who. Fortunately for our still beating hearts, this is not really a ZR-1 turned truck/car — it's an '84 Vette smooshed together with a '91 with custom molds and bodywork to create that smooth Vettamino effect. According to ClassyAuto (misnomer?) this was the brainchild of the original owner of Bayliner Boats and took over $115K to create. Wow, that's camino love right there. We have no idea how up to date their website is, but the sale price at one time at least was a steal at $35,000... cough, cough, choke.... WHAT!



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An '84 Vette is what about $5k - $6k? And it makes a pretty nice looking 'mino. I wouldn't rule out making something similar in the future.

At a lot less than $35k, let alone $115k.