Cops Use A 'Grappler Bumper' To Catch A Speeding Jackass Who Was Ramming A Car

Screenshot: YouTube

We’ve written before about an impressive and excitingly alarming automotive device called the Grappler Police Bumper. The Grappler Bumper lets one car snare and capture another, an action much like you would witness if such a thing as car rodeos existed. While the potential for misuse is pretty high, it looks as if the Grappler Bumper has been used for good, as in this case of a cop using it to snare and stop a road-rageful driver who was repeatedly hitting another driver’s car.


This incident happened in September, on Interstate 10 in Arizona, when a motorist called 911 to report that a car was attempting to run into her repeatedly.

Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers arrived to find a scene of brutal Ford-on-Ford violence: a Ford Escape tailgating and repeatedly ramming the rear of a Ford Mustang.

Here’s how it went down:

It’s crazy that the offending driver didn’t stop, even once the cop showed up with flashing lights.

The act of grappling is pretty violent, with the Escape swerving across all four lanes of the highway before finally being slowed by the police car it was now tethered to.

Eventually, the 39-year-old suspect, likely shaken from whatever the hell goes on in someone’s head to make them act this way, gave up. That suspect was no doubt wondering what the hell had just happened.


Overall, this seems like a pretty good use for this thing.

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