Cops Say These Newlyweds Picked Up A 17-Year-Old Girl So The Wife Could Have Sex With Her

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Fellas out there in committed relationships, you know how hard we work to keep our ladies happy. We surprise them with flowers, buy them fancy jewelry, and even call their mothers on their birthdays. Also, we drive them across state lines so they can hook up with teenage girls. Wait, what?


That's exactly what police say went down in Tennessee this week. Nashville police pulled over Michael McCarrell on a routine traffic violation and found a 17-year-old girl sitting between him and his recent bride, Amanda McCarrell, according to this report in The Tennessean.

The couple told the cops that they met the girl on a dating website and picked her up in Glasgow, Kentucky, but didn't realize she was a minor until they were on their way back to Tennessee. Riiiiiiight.


Anyway, the kicker here is that Amanda McCarrell "admitted that she planned to have sex with the girl," the newspaper reported. Usually, it's the man who's behind such exercises in poor judgment.

The newspaper reports that the police found sexy texts and photos of the girl on Michael McCarrell's phone. Both McCarrells were charged with sexual exploitation of a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

It's not quite Florida-level crime, but it's awfully close. You stay classy, Tennessee!

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Well what is the legal age limit there for such a thing there? 18? 21? 85?

If there is no money exchanged, in a lot of countries this is perfectly legal.

I love how "Contributing to delinquency of a minor." is thrown in there. I didn't know sex was a deliquescent act.