Cops Pull Over Tercel And Find Logs Used In Supsension

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This is one of those times where I find that my gut instincts are dead wrong. My initial reaction to the Quebecois owner of this 1999 Toyota Tercel that has a rear suspension setup that utilizes logs and chicken wire is one of a certain, perverse respect. I know that’s wrong—the guy is really closer to an idiot endangering everyone–but I just can’t help admiring this sort of caveman ingenuity.

The Ottawa Citizen reports the car was pulled over Sunday night on on route du Carrefour in Val-des-Monts, Quebec because the brake lights weren’t working. I guess the oil-soaked burning rag setup the guy had probably installed had some sort of a malfunction.

During the stop, the police found three bald tires, no windshield wipers, and an open can of beer in the car. Oh, and that the suspension was made of logs and wire. How did they know to look under the car? Did the 28-year-old driver volunteer that information?


“Officer, I know my brake lights aren’t working, but I promise you my suspension-support logs have no trace of Dutch Elm Disease.”

The guy passed a sobriety test, but he was ticketed for the open beer, not having insurance, the various safety issues with the car, and the Tercel was impounded for inspection.

I guess the lesson here is that if you’re going to use logs and wire as crucial components of your car’s suspension, at least make sure your brake lights work and that you hold off on having a cold one while driving.

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