Cops Investigating Fender-Bender Discover Earless Man in Trunk

Police called to the scene of a small accident in Manhattan found a fun surprise in the trunk of one of the cars! Well, not "fun." Actually, "horrifying." It was a man, with his ear cut off.

On Wednesday morning, a BMW turning off the Harlem Rive Drive hit the back of a cab. Both drivers exited the car, and as is standard New York City protocol, the BMW driver ran off. The cabbie called the cops, and that's when they found their prize:

They spotted blood on the trunk, opened it and found a man bound and unconscious inside, a police source said. He had been beaten and suffered a severe head injury, cops said.

One of his ears was nearly sliced off, a police source said.

Sounds like someone was watching Reservoir Dogs before deciding to commit a horrific crime! The man, who survived, was stabilized at Harlem Hospital, and remains unidentified; the BMW was stolen. And, if you take nothing else from this story, remember to drive carefully.


[NYDN; stock photo via Shutterstock]

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