Cops Are Picking Ford Interceptor SUVs Over Sedans Almost 2 To 1

Get used to doing double-take on every time you see Ford Explorer lights in the dark, because the Interceptor Utility, the vehicle's police variant, has surged from 8,777 sales through August last year to 13,324 sales over the same period of time in 2014.

Meanwhile sales of the Taurus cop car, called simply "Interceptor Sedan," have actually dropped (negligibly) from 7,387 through August last year to 7,248 this year. Looks like the trend then-reporter (now Ford employee) Karl Henkel called a year ago is staying steady.


Three months ago the Utility was 3,000 units ahead of the Sedan in sales, now it's just about doubled that lead.

It makes sense; cops have to lug heaps of gear around and ho man how cool does that "INTERCEPTOR" badge across the hood look? (I know they don't all have that, what I don't get is why).


On the civilian side Ford has sold 129,533 Explorers so far this year, and just 39,689 Taurus sedans.

Chevrolet does not discern Tahoe sales from the Tahoe PPV, their police SUV, but civilian sales figures tell a similar story: GM has sold 64,837 Tahoes through August 2014, compared to 2,516 Caprice sedans (which are not sold to the general public at all).


The SUV bias doesn't carry over to departments buying from Dodge. At least, not obviously so. Chrysler sells "Special Service" versions of their Durango and Ram 1500, but doesn't differentiate in sales reports between law enforcement and civilians. All up Chrysler has sold 63,517 Chargers, 43,447 Durangos, and 283,256 Rams in the US through August 2014 but I've never seen a cop Chrysler pickup.

Image: Ford

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