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Cop Apparently Caught On Video Hitting A Kid On a Bike Then Fleeing

The officer appears to have hit the boy but didn't stop to help him

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Image: Chris Carlson/AP (AP)

L.A.’s KTLA5 reports, a mother and a community are outraged after an alleged hit and run that left a 14-year-old boy injured. The car captured on video hitting him was a California Highway Patrol cruiser. The driver fled the scene.

The incident happened on June 27th. The boy was attending a local car show in East L.A. when it happened. Luckily witnesses at the event not only saw what happened but recorded it as well. What’s most shocking is that after the officer hit the boy, he just kept going. The boy suffered some serious injuries, including a shoulder injury and concussion and the effects are still being felt a month later. His mother, Sara Cervantes, said the concussion was so bad, the boy’s speech was slurred saying “You could tell that something was wrong and he couldn’t talk correctly, he was slurring his words”.


What’s more outrageous is that other officers seemingly moved to protect the officer in question:

Community activists and the boy’s mother claim that the officer didn’t stop to help the boy. They also said that several individuals tried to report the hit-and-run to other officers who were patrolling the area, but not a single officer would take a report.


Now outrage has spread within the community with calls for the CHP to release the officer’s name and terminate him.

“It was absolutely disgusting to see the video of them just hit him and take off, and didn’t even try to find out where his parent was or seek medical attention for him,” said Alejandra Estrada, a community activist.

There’s still been no response from the CHP.