It's hard to know exactly why this accident happened. Looking at that dashcam video, the Ohio police car doesn't even appear to see the motorcycle at all — there's no attempt to swerve or slow down at all. Perhaps more alarmingly, the cop seems to check his car more than he checks on the downed motorcyclists.


True, the trooper, Jacob Daymon, does yell "You alright?" to the very not-alright couple before inspecting his steaming patrol car, and he also does serve the public by putting out a small fire caused by the wreck. That still doesn't explain how or why he rear-ended the motorcycle, which appears to have been the result of simple non-attention.

Amy and Corey Waldman, the couple, are still alive, which they attribute to their helmets. Since the August 17th crash, the couple is still undergoing treatments for their injuries.

A grand jury is in the process of deciding if disciplinary action will be taken, and what that action may be. Trooper Daymon has been advised by his legal counsel not to comment.


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