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This trucker, with a Guy Fawkes mask strapped to the passenger seat of his Navistar semi-truck, is not about to let police privilege-abuse go down on his watch. Apparently this Illinois state cop blew past time with his face in his phone, so the trucker flagged him down and gave him an earful.

The dash cam footage of the cop behaving badly (which the trucker says exists) isn't included, so the trucker could be overzealously taking the law into his own hands here. But based on the officer's reaction it sure looks like he knew he was in the wrong.


The officer starts defending himself by claiming "cops are allowed to use technology while driving," but reneges on that by the end of this impromptu interrogation and almost admits he was breaking the law.

If the unofficial rule-of-the-road is "don't drive faster than the cop," I'm not sure I really mind the police driving a little quick... but it's way satisfying watching this officer squirm and recite exactly same dodges and excuses everybody else does when they get busted.

Comments on the original YouTube video have already eroded into religious diatribes and angry ranting, perhaps we can carry on a more civilized discussion of what went down here.

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