Cop Ends High-Speed Pursuit by Delivering Baby

When we hear "100 mph" and "Sheriff's Deputy" in the same story we tend to expect it to finish with some sort of horrific wreck or jail, so we were a bit shocked when we found this story of a car chase that resulted in a little girl named Claire Jeon. It all started when Davis County Deputy Cory Cox clocked a Mazda MPV doing 95 mph on Utah Highway 89. By the time he caught up with the van it had gotten as high as 105 mph and Yeojn Hong, the soon-to-be-mother, was about to get new baby smell all over the interior.

So he did what any well-trained first-responder would do in the situation: he slapped on some rubber gloves and delivered the baby. Said the proud mother, "He was just boom, boom boom... honestly, I think that's a blessing form the Lord." No word on whether or not he gave the couple a ticket. [SLC Trib]


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