Cop And Drug Suspect Killed In 'Suspicious' South African Audi R8 Crash

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Police in Johannesburg, South Africa are investigating a bizarre crash from Thursday that claimed the life of an Audi R8 driver and a police officer who was also inside the car.


The Post reports that an R8 sped off while a police officer was searching it — inside the car. A police van then followed the R8, but it lost control and struck a wall, a tree and a lamppost, splitting into three pieces. Both the driver and the officer inside died at the scene.

If at this point you're wondering, "What was that cop doing inside the R8?" you aren't alone. The police are struggling to explain exactly what happened here as well, according to the newspaper.

A South African Police Service spokesman told them that the officer was sitting in the passenger seat, which goes against their protocol. He was in full uniform and was carrying his service weapon at the time, the spokesman said. A small amount of cannabis was found inside the supercar.

The newspaper reports that suspicion has been raised as to whether the officer wanted a bribe and the Audi driver was going to an ATM, but the police spokesman couldn't confirm that. South Africa's national police force is notorious for its problems with corruption.

Regardless of what happened, it's an extremely unfortunate accident, but something is definitely fishy here.

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Wow. How freaking fast do you have to go to rip apart the car like that??