Coors Puts Beer Waste To Use As Ethanol

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As we continue our march towards the end of the highest-priced gas day of the year, let's turn to something a little bit more enjoyable to think about — like beer! Who says you have to harvest football fields worth of corn for one gallon of ethanol? Molson Coors Brewing Company, the company behind the delectable Coors Light has announced that it is the official E85 ethanol producer for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Wait, what? Seriously? A beer company is the ethanol sponsor for the Democratic National Convention?

Of course! You see, as former Jalopnik Mike Austin found out a couple of years back, Coors has been putting beer to debatably better use by harvesting ethanol out of wasted malted carbonated hops during the manufacturing process. Sure, ethanol may help with the performance of your car, but how's it going to fraternity parties nationwide to not have access to cheap beer because Coors is busy spending time on getting Ethanol out of waste matter? Seriously, the nerve of some companies.

Anyway, the Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Co., is capable of producing three million gallons of ethanol per year. The link to the Democratic National Convention is a distant one, at best — although if you've been covering the process of choosing a Democratic party candidate this election cycle you'll realize how important it would be to have three million gallons of beer at the convention rather than ethanol. Not that the convention being held in Denver will need three million gallons of ethanol, as Coors will provide the ethanol to power the flex-fuel vehicles being used for the convention.


But, Coors will also be the official beer sponsor of the convention as well — just hope those hog-wild Democrats can differ between the two prior to consumption in case they accidentally do bring a case or two of the wrong alcohol mixture with them. [Newsblaze] (Image via Getty)