Cool Is 2600 Miles In A '55 Gasser Chevy With A Hemi On Slicks In Rain

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Remember that '55 Chevy gasser Freiburger and Finnegan tried to put together with a Hemi? Well, Blasphemi got ready. 2,600 miles, 530 cubic inches, 700 horsepower, six speeds, 17 mpg. The last number must be a miracle.


I like Roadkill a lot. It teaches me tons about American car culture and makes me wonder just how cool it would be if I could do anything even remotely similar in Europe just for once.

I mean, buying a car that you (barely) fix up for a (barely legal) cross-country trip only to auction it off later somewhere before grabbing a jet home is way of traveling that can't really happen here due to all the European paperwork involved and the different laws in each country along your way. Cars and fuel are also way more expensive, especially if you lust after a V8.


I also respect the fact that these two can actually build cars, and when it comes to men wearing XXL tees complementing each others' balls all the time, well, that just comes with the hot rod package, I guess.

But when the car works, it's a beautiful thing, and guess what! - in episode 30, that '55 gasser just did.

My car still has a 59 cubic inch engine producing a whopping 48 horsepower, thanks for asking. If you can jam a Hemi in it that will do 17 mpg, give me a ring.