Consumer Reports Thinks The Mercedes CLA Is 'A Really Nice Civic'

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The Mercedes CLA is a really hot seller these days, and lukewarm reviews haven't really dampened that. The sensible people at Consumer Reports, however, think you should buy cars that aren't the CLA for $35,000. Because they really didn't like the little Benz very much.


Consumer Reports testers gave their two cents on the CLA250 and the news isn't good. It's terrible, in fact.


If you think CR's testers only drive Toyota Camrys or something need to look at this. Because these people say an Acura TSX wagon and what's basically a Jalopnik-edition BMW 320i are among the cars you should buy instead of a CLA. A used Audi A4 was probably the most mainstream option.

We've driven the CLA45 AMG, and while it's fast it has still has some notable flaws and a hefty price tag. Calling it a "really nice Civic" sounds a tad harsh, though. But it's absolutely amazing we're living in an age where a Mercedes and a Buick Regal cost roughly the same money – and now the Regal is apparently the better car.

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Mercedes-Benz has a rocky history of attempts at moving downmarket.