Connie Montoya May Heart Juan Pablo, But The Walls In Brooklyn Heart Him Just As Hard

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The wife of Juan Pablo may be absolutely gushing the love over her #42, but apparently so do the walls of the Michigan International Speedway (MIS) in the lovely li'l town of Brooklyn, MI. Juan Pablo Montoya made it all of 67 laps yesterday before a wall decided to jump out and partake in some sensual car-wall loving. But the mad hearting of Connie for her man and the hearting of her man and the track-wall wasn't the only love going on at MIS yesterday. The #99 Ford Fusion was getting all sorts of love at the end of the race as "Hot" Carl Edwards drove it to victory in the Citizens Bank 400. We've got a full gallery below of the hot racing action, and we'll let you spend some time showering it with your affection, or whatever it is you'll end up doing with that picture of Connie above.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images Sport]

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