Congratulations To Everyone Who Bought The 14 New Lincoln Continentals Sold Last Month

The modern Continental has not been in production for nearly a year.

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The Lincoln Continental died last year, with production ending almost a year ago now. And yet there are apparently still brand new Lincoln Continentals to be found at dealers. Ford said Monday that it sold all of 14 Continentals last month.

I have many questions about these 14 Continentals, mainly: Who the hell is buying a Lincoln Continental in 2021? Who are the 14 classiest people in America? Or is it one extremely cool person who bought 14 Lincoln Continentals? Is it a fleet, and where can I find this fleet?

Also, why now? If you had the money to buy a Lincoln Continental in 2021 or you had credit good enough to get a loan for one, surely both of those things were true this time last year, when Lincoln was still making new Continentals? How did you buy this Continental? Maybe your ninth-gen Continental finally bit the dust and you needed a new one for old times’ sake? Or was it more spur-of-the-moment? Like maybe you showed up to your local dealer and you buy off the lot and, golly, that Continental sure looks smart.


Further: How many Lincoln Continentals are still out there to be had? Because you know, we’ve all heard that American luxury is dead these days and, well, this may be your last shot. I put a lot of these questions to a Lincoln spokeswoman, not really expecting to get any answers because the answers would likely be proprietary information. And a big non-answer is what I got.

Thanks for reaching out —- as we’ve announced previously, production for the Continental balanced out at the end of last year, but it will continue to be sold into this year. As you’ve noted, 14 units were sold in September and if you look at the sales releases of the past months, you’ll see # of units sold each month.

If you are one of September’s Continental buyers, please show thyself.