Everyone seemed to approve of the awesome garage of LeMons Assistant Perpetrator Jeff yesterday, so let's take a look at the car that started it all: a neighbor-enragin', autocrossin' 1973 MGB.


Jeff comes from a family of wild-eyed racing fanatics, so he got started early. His first car was this '73 MGB, a project he started at the age of 13.

After hot-rodding it with the best of late-80s technology, he began his racing career via autocrossing.


It turned out that the young Jeff had quite a gift for driving. Little did he know that this gift would ultimately lead to years and years of life on the road as a pro racer, followed by a brilliant career as a sculptor.


Kept in the ol' racing scrapbook is this letter to the parents of the then-16-year-old MGB-drivin' hoon. Jeff claims that he really wasn't particularly wild as a street driver back then, and that the racket of his Supertrapp muffler made the "KILLR BE" seem to be going faster than it really was. When you're done reading the Concerned Parents letter, you might enjoy seeing some of the cars Jeff has owned over the years.


This note is to let you know that your son is endangering others in this town by his reckless driving. At the very least, you should talk to him about it; before either he kills himself or maims some innocent bystander.

His "KILLR BE" license plate could be very appropriate for the way he drives. He has been seen skidding his car around corners, jack-rabbiting from traffic lights and, most dangerous, passing on the right (at about 60 mph) in a 35 mph zone where the road narrows from 2 lanes to 1.

His driving is down-right dangerous. It isn't cute.

This note is by no means to be vindictive. It is a plea to you to talk to him, threaten him if you need to, to protect the other drivers and pedestrians in our town. So far he has been lucky. If he keeps it up, his luck will run out. It will be on your heads and your hearts when he causes serious injury by this foolhardy behavior.

A concerned parent.

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