Concept Car Face-Off: Isuzu Como F1 Super Truck Vs. Plymouth Voyager 3

Welcome back to Concept Car Face-Off, where we pit two insane vehicles born out of an amphetamine and peyote-fueled design session to see which one you’d actually buy. In this installment: the detachable dual-cab Plymouth Voyager 3 versus the Isuzu Como F1 Super Truck.


All you really need to know about the Isuzu concept is in its name. It was packing the Judd EV 3.5-liter V8 pulled from Lotus Racing’s F102B Formula One car, with something in the neighborhood of 640 HP at 12,500 RPM. Unfortunately, stuffing that 76-degree V8 out back eliminated the chances of putting anything in the bed beyond a small chicken that would be incinerated a few miles after you started driving. But hey! It’s 1991! So... scissor doors, too!

The Plymouth Voyager 3 (or III, depending on the source) debuted in 1989 and came in two pieces. The first was a three-seater city car powered by a 1.6-liter engine running on propane. When you wanted to haul a few more people around, it would connect up with a two-axle, four-wheeled cab powered by a second, 2.2-liter engine to expand seating to eight. But the best part? When linked up, the front half’s rear wheels would suck into the body.

So, 8-seater “practicality” or F1 power? Sound off.

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