Conan O'Brien Reveals Tesla's Newest Product To Save Itself—The Tesla 'TBD'

Screenshot: Team Coco (YouTube)

Tesla’s still burning through cash at a rapid clip, as it struggles to ramp up production of the Tesla Model 3 sedan. But it has a pipeline full of innovative products in the works, including one that TV guy Conan O’Brien got the latest scoop on this week. What is it? TBD.


Tesla Model 3 reservation holders plopped down $1,000 for a spot in line for the all-electric sedan, but Tesla fanatics can get a jump on what comes after the Model 3 with the TBD.

What is TBD? TBD.

Is it a new electric car? Is it a scooter? Is it profit? It’s TBD, available to you for $2,000, starting in 2024.

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