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In hardtop form, the Chrysler Crossfire was the best example of a car that looked great head-on, then slowly got worse as you walked around only to arrive at that bulbous rear end. And the interior was awful. It's not exactly mourned today.

So it's really strange a small Italian firm to take one and redo it with a, well... different design. The FB-ONE, in all caps made by FB Tuning, has the headlights off an Audi A8 and a grille sort of modeled after one as well. Or based on a discarded Hyundai Genesis front. Same thing.


It's powered by a 3.2-liter AMG engine, tuned to 400 horses. Presumably it's like the one you got in the old SRT-6 Crossfire, only with more power. Somehow.

The thing you'll really notice is how brown and gold it is. A nod to '70s Chryslers, perhaps? I was prepared to call it hideous, but that's too strong of a word for it. It's... something. Odd. But they're apparently only building nine of them. I guess there are about that many people who, in 2014, want something that looks like a cross between a modern Audi and a 10-year-old Chrysler coupe.

Here's a video of it from the Top Marques 2014 show, as well as more photos on Fbtuning's Facebook page.

Photo via FB Tuning Facebook

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