Comments Of The Day: Shitbox Adventures Edition

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We drove some good cars this year. I like our list of 2015 bests because it represents everything Jalopnik is all about, from brand-new supercars to bikes to extremely questionable shitboxes.

We’re here now to talk about the last category. You can always count on Jason Torchinsky to have love for the most basic of automobiles, and reader Kyle Chermocha elaborates on “that weirdly cool feeling you get powering through horrible conditions in a spartan box.”

I think it has to do with our complicated relationship with modern technology - it’s a nice experiential reminder of how a lot of it far exceeds our practical needs. A Lada on a dark Icelandic highway isn’t quite a Conastoga on the high plains in 1840, but I imagine it’s pretty damn close when you’re behind the wheel.


Adds JayQC:


It’s one of the reasons I loved plowing through ridiculous snow storms in my 15 year old 4 banger camry back in the days.

“OMG we can’t see 10 feet in front of us, time to go out and get a coffee!!!”

You’re constantly amazed and relieved at the same time. The car’s there for you, you’re there to drive it back home.

You see crazy shit all around you as you drive it to your fav coffee joint, hop out in complete elemental madness, grab your coffee and make it back to the car, arm in the face, close the door and it’s warm and quiet, except for the wipers doing their best and the wind hitting everywhere.

It was waiting for you and it’ll take you anywhere, but right now, just back home.


Cars indeed!

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