Commenter Of The Day: Yeah, But You Was There Edition

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There are a lot of legislators looking down at their feet wondering exactly what happened and I'm reminded of the story of a legislator in East Texas who rallied against the unpopular sales tax, voted against the unpopular sales tax, and tried to fillbuster the unpopular sales tax. It passed, but he said he'd go back to Austin to repeal the unpopular sales tax. He didn't get the chance. He lost. And when an old woman at a grocery store approached the legislator to tell him the reason why she didn't vote for him was the unpopular sales tax he told her all these things. Then she paused, looked at him, and said "Yeah, but you was there." The world's worst Hyundai is so bad it's probably not just the fault of the owner, but jip1080 doesn't think you should blame Hyundai.

Warranty Claim - Form 1D10T

Customer Name: James Sikes

Claim: Car wouldn't stop. Engine rev'ing uncontrollably.

Factory Resolution: Driver's side footwell found to be used as storage bin. After archeological dig, gas pedal found to be strapped to floor at WOT position with speaker wire. Wire removed, trash removed.

Customer Follow-up: Customer claimed to be unaware that they should not use driver's side footwell as storage bin. Claims speaker wire pedal fix shows fault with car's safety systems. Intends to sue for negligence for failing to warn them and not issuing recall. Wants trash and wire back.


Million points for the James Sikes reference.

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Congratulations, Mr. jip1080, on today's COTD! I have for you the only Hyundai I've ever awarded. It will be delivered very soon by this lovely lady. Great job!