Commenter Of The Day: Winston Smith Edition

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Winston Smith was a man who woke up one day in 1984 to realize the government was out to get him. They'd removed his control, they'd removed his freedom, they'd removed his humanity all in the name of doing him good. The future is progressing a lot slower than George Orwell thought, but that doesn't mean his predictions aren't coming true. Governments world wide want to take away your freedom to take risks and are slowly but surely enacting laws that will compromise your ability to hurt yourself.

Some people have expressed shock that the Texas road that the Bugatti drove off, crashing into a lake, didn't have guard rails. That sentiment doesn't sit will with SlowMo:

One of the things I noticed when I was driving in the France and Italy was that the Europeans are far less of a nanny state when it comes to guard rails. You're driving, damn it. Stop f*ing around, pay attention and stay on the damn road. If it is slippery, foggy, dark, icy, whatever, SLOW DOWN. Drive. People, DRIVE. The state is not here to keep you from falling off the cliff.


Afterall, without the freedom to drive $2 million cars into lakes, this wouldn't really be America, would it?

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Jeff Glucker

I was thinking about this the other day... every one around might just be a terrible driver, distracted from some random argument they just had with a significant other, drunk, or insane... or all of the above.

My wife asks why I speed away from stoplights... it is to get away from the rest of the pack.