Commenter Of The Day: Unfortunate Halloween Choices Edition

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With All Hallows Eve upon us, the scariest news I can report is this: The most popular Halloween accessory for sale online is this wig. I don't watch a lot of cable television, so I didn't realize Elvira had become popular again. Congrats to her! She's earned it. Speaking of misappropriating images, the rash of supercar wrecks by substitute drivers led E30Fernando to recall the time a mechanic played trick or treat with his cherished ride:


When I was about 18, my grandpa bought a new Mercedes, and since he only needs one car, he gave his old 1986 Mercedes luxobarge to my dad for free. It was our weekend car, and we loved it. The car was just as old as I was, and it only had 30K miles! It ran like a dream.

About 2 months later, after I had only driven it about 4 times, my grandpa insisted that we take it to the mechanic just to see if there was anything wrong with the car and just get it out of the way. It was a rainy day. We leave the car and head back home.

We get a phone call about an hour later saying that the mechanic was test driving it, and that he saw an ambulance coming up behind him, so he slowed down and slowly merged right, as you're supposed to. However, the semi-truck behind him didn't see the ambulance or pull over, and ran straight into the Merc. The car was totaled and the mechanic was in the hospital for a day or two. The car was brought back to the shop, where the damaged was assessed over the next day or two.

The next day, we get a phone call saying that the car was a goner, and that it was only worth a couple of grand to the insurance company because it wasn't old enough to be considered a collector's car or anything. On top of that, the radio got stolen later that night.

I totally feel for this guy.



Congratulations, Mr. Fernando! I would like to gift you with a newer Mercedes. This lovely lady will bring it to you as soon as possible.