There are those situations in which the humor is so obvious you don't have to write the jokes. The governor of a state is supposed to be hiking a trail and is in a South American country having sex with his mistress? Just explain what happens. A crooked legislator puts money his freezer. You don't need a sense of humor to make that funny. A GM engineer uses his buyout to make a sex-machine and, well, TexanIdiot25 throws out seven to begin with.

Does it come in SS trim?

Can I get it in Artic white?

Will it come with Chrome 20s? And I ain't talkin wheels..

Does it have optional leather?

How do I call OnStar?

Can I have it equipped with an LS9?

If I trade my old 'clunker' in, do I get a rebate on my new... "Thumper?"

Wokka, wokka, wokka.