We had a friend who did the "Disney World Internship" program only to discover that, as most of us had already figured out, it was just a form of cheap labor for the big mouse. Seriously, they pay people somewhere around minimum wage by calling them all "actors" and put them to work doing low level work such as operating rides, making food and working information desks. You live in housing provided by the company, you eat their food and you travel in their buses. It isn't like the NBC page program where you get a nifty blazer and get to fetch snake food for Tracy Jordan or the Jalopnik intern program where you get to drive the Mini Cooper Clubman S. We think it is a sweet gig, though dearthair thinks that particular job came about because the rest of us passed on it.

Personally, I would be more excited by the "fully-fueled" than by the rest of it. In fact, the "Clubman" part almost operates as a counterbalance: "On the one hand, it is fully-fueled..." Why do I get the feeling this was Ray playing evil genius with the Interns: "Fuck. MINI gave us a Clubman to test. God, I don't even want to go near it. Wait! I know! You! Intern-peon beneath my desk spit-shining my socks! How would you like to do a road test?" "Oh please sir! May I really? I'd be so honoured!" "This is a big opportunity for you, boy. I'm giving you quite the privilege! Not everybody gets to do things like this! Siler even has to pay for his own gasoline!" "Oh boy! I promise I won't let you down! Oh yes, sir, please, let me have this chance!" "Very well, boy. Here are your keys. It's the silver Clubman outside." "Clubman? Fuck! Can't Hardigree do this?"

Hey, it beats dressing up like Goofy and having kids vomit on you all day.

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