One of the worst ideas most kids have is playing a version of what, typically, is referred to as "the fainting game" in North America. It involves, through a few steps, basically forcing your body into oxygen deprivation. You pass out and then wake up on the ground, surprised by what just happened. Typically, you do this when others are around otherwise you might accidentally kill yourself, which happens roughly six-to-seven times a year. It's incredibly stupid and, honestly, for stupid things you can do there's almost nothing gained from it. You're much better off trying to steal a pie off of a windowsill because then, at least, you might get some pie and the chances of death are fairly low. When we asked you what's the most you've spent on a car you all gave some pretty impressively low responses. There were a few exceptions and Dive-By-Drunk's comment essentially caused Nhubbel84 to get the same result as the fainting game.

@Dive-By-Drunk's: woah. what happened. one minute I was reading your post and then the next...I just seemed to have, er...

...why do I have this horrible bruise on my forehead? And what was I doing on the floor?

It could have been worse. You're alive, man. Alive.

Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images