Commenter Of The Day: The ExxonMobil Shell Game Edition

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In all the furor over gas prices, a popular punching bag is ExxonMobil, which made something along the lines of $90,000 per minute, the highest corporate profit ever. It's interesting to note that this is actually less than what the market predicted the company to make and that the company's stock is dipping. The energy reporters at the Houston Chronicle, some of the best in the business, pointed out that all of this talk of profits ignores the more serious issue: Exxon's production slipped 10%, continuing the downward trend in production into a fifth quarter. This means the energy giant could be relying on high prices, not new discoveries or an increase in product, to pad its coffers. This is bad for everyone. Thankfully, WheatKing proposed a way to make lots of money in today's QOTD by providing electric power.


I want to build one of these stations with different coloured cords and different prices according to which cord you get..

For instance, the turbo blue cord, or high octane electrons, would be suitable for your plugin WRX or GNX..

the grey cord, low energy electrons, suitable for your plug in camry/accord..

The green cord, would cost extra, as it's comprised of free-range electrons travelling through recycled copper.

The pussymagnet yellow cord would be suitable for your electric porsche or ferrari..

And.. we can't forget about the Nordst Valhalla power cable for the audiophile's car... the most expensive of electrons for your vehicle enables the ultimate of audio reproduction capabilities and allows your stereo to reach it's highest of potential. acoustically harmonizing maple blocks to park your car on are extra, but available upon request.

We're cheap enough to get the RaceTrak brand shitty electrons.


Rob Emslie

Congrats WheatKing. That's some right funny prose you done did there.