Commenter Of The Day: The Cal Is On You Edition

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Like most people on the Internet, we've seen the "Oh you made cause I'm stylin' on ya" video (see it here) a million times. As you can tell, it's just a rap battle gone too far. Subsequent reports said one person had a gun, the other had been badmouthing his crew, or just the last person got mad because he was getting shown up. The cause is unclear, but after watching the full video it seems like the latter explanation is the best. What we've yet to understand, though, is what is "the cal?" The ongoing beef between Ferrari and other F1 teams is starting to sound like a rap battle, and Stoke seems to know who the cal is on.

Five things worth noting, writer:

1) Last year's grapes must be pretty sour after upstart Brawn whipped your caballino's hindquarters to the tune of a hundred points in the Constructor's Championship last year.
2) You really expect to be taken seriously calling yourself the Horse Whisperer?
3) Toyota's involvement in F1 was never a success on any level, so there were good reasons for them to exit. Although I notice they came remarkably close to beating you in the standings last year, during the team's swan song.
4) The California is ugly.
5) At Renault, there's not much left other than the name... and a car that is eye-blisteringly awesome. Last I checked, all you guys had in response were a couple cut-up shoe boxes