Commenter Of The Day: The Adventures Of Kool-Aid Man Edition

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Kool-Aid is so called because, according to U.S. law, you can't call something "-ade" if it has no fruit juice in it. This doesn't stop Kool-Aid Man from aiding thirsty kids and providing thousands of dollars in repair jobs to local masons. In order to raise the awareness of the brand in the 1980s, the creators of Kool-Aid made a deal with Marvel Comics to produce six Kool-Aid Man comic books. His main nemesis was "Scorch" who was basically a midget engulfed in flames. Also, they surf. A lot. Though we think FordTempFanatic is the go-to Kool-Aid-drinking Tempo fanatic on our site, his answer to our Birthday QOTD is so sincere in its description we believe it to be the uncolored truth.

The 1992 Mercury Topaz XR5. 1992 was sort of the last grand stand for the T/T sport models (Tempo GLS, Topaz LTS, Topaz XR5). With new rectangular exhaust tips, side moldings complimenting the new monochromatic face-lift of '92, and most importantly the introduction of a standard 3.0L V6. Also boasting the Mazda MTX-IV 5spd. from the Taurus SHO.

With less then 5,000 made, they are not only awesome sauce, but they're exclusive


For more on the adventure of Kool-Aid Man check out X-Entertainment.

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I would like to issue a guttural Kool-Aid Man "Oh Yeah!" to ForTempoFanatic for your COTD. Your love of the Tempo is so very un-jalop while simultaneously being quite possibly the most jalop sentiment possible. We love the unloved for the sake of them being unloved, and you, good sir, love what even we can't bring ourselves to love.

Congrats, and WTF? #cotd