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Commenter Of The Day: Tahlequah, Oklahoma Edition

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This weekend brought with it the wonderful destruction of the Oklahoma Sooners by the Texas Longhorns, leaving them at number one in the land of college football. (Also, this weekend Michigan State became bowl eligible with that always-necessary but oftentimes elusive sixth win. Just sayin'... —Ed.) Tahlequah, Oklahoma isn't home to the University of Oklahoma, but rather Northeastern State University, a public university with an enrollment typically below 10,000 students ( go Riverhawks!). It also happens to sit as the capital of the Cherokee Nation and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians. Most importantly, it is one of the cities that David Letterman claimed to be the "home office" that creates his top ten lists. When we asked you what would happen in a GM-Chrysler Merger, our very own Milo Carrera had his own top ten list for us.

10. Vette interior now referred to as "luxurious". 9. Pre-paid legal now part of benefits package since freeing up lawyers previously working on ownership of seven slot grill. 8. New corporate moniker—"GM, Eh?" 7. Much easier to announce new Chrysler Electric Vehicles when you only have to "borrow" from the office down the hall. 6. Saturn Peapod! 5. Friday Night Battle of the Blands—Malibu Design Studio takes on Grand Caravan Design Studio. 4. Lutz jet now known as the "Airflow". 3. Former Aztek chief can now pal around with Crossfire chief; feel better about self. 2. Ford official winner of "who can hold their breath the longest" contest. 1. Challenger/Camaro switcharoo in Final "Vanishing Point" scene now more eerily metaphorical than ever.


Alternate #1: What will those pinheads at GE think of next? [Photo: Cherokee Culture and Tourism]

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milo_carrera--fighting the good fight

Wow, THANKS guys! (And especially you Fuzzy!) Only on Jalop are most of those items even considered funny. Most anywhere else they would elicit nothing but blank stares. Nice to hang out with you all, and thanks for the honor!