If you've watched an episode of Burn Notice on USA you've realized their basic premise is one story of the "burned" Michael Westin helping someone buried in a larger story of a struggle against the machine that is global security. If you've seen two episodes or three or all of them, you've noticed the same thing. It's not a bad shtick and it makes the show watchable because you're required to have almost no background to understand what's happening for most of an episode. I'll admit, it's gotten a little old this last season, but it's still entertaining television thanks to his mother, Bruce Campbell, and a great cast of character actors supporting the fun-to-watch Jeffery Donavon. Some of you have noticed my recent penchant for dialogue-based situational COTDs. Well, we're mixing it up. Congrats to GreenN_Gold for his great one-liner in the Opposite of Just Married LOLCars from earlier today.

What was his total ring time?

Suck on it.