Commenter Of The Day: Snowball The Pig Edition

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In George Orwell's famous novel, Animal Farm, Snowball the pig represents the kind face of communism, the side that's there to help the people, not oppress them. Over in England, home to Orwell, things with the government are going downhill pretty fast. The latest twist in the slow decline into a Stalin-style state is speed limiters being tested on Prii.


It's easy just to see the downside of Big Brother, but, if Snowball had his way, there'd be an upside too. Maymar sees it:

I actually kind of like this. At least if I'm going to get frustrated driving behind someone doing the speed limit, I'll be thinking "fucking government," instead of "fucking asshole who has no interest in driving." So, thank you Big Brother, for making me less angry at the idiots I share the road with.


Just watch out for the Thought Police.

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Leeeeena the Jalopchick

You want something to be frustrated about? Here, have a prize and a boatload of frustration all in one gif!