Oh, Woody Allen. Often misunderstood on this continent, and perhaps a bit too nebbishy/neurotic for some, there's something wrong with you if you don't enjoy Sleeper. Set in the 22nd-century, the movie isn't caught up in the idea of the future and the problems are basically the same as the ones we have today. There's a dictator, some rebels, and a plan to overthrow the establishment. Mostly it uses a new millennium to give life to some old gags. In fact, the technology of the future is pretty limited and not even up to par with what we've got today. It's funny, but Allen wasn't up with the exponentiality of new tech, which now extends to cars as Switzer's 1000 HP GT-R clearly shows. But LappingLuke gets it.

Dyno guy: 1005 HP

Car guy: 1005? That's pretty good!

hahahahahaha 100 years ago...

Dyno guy: 4 HP

Car guy: 4HP? That's pretty good!