Back in college a friend of mine wanted to know if a girl's parent's house had a pool. He was going over for a quasi-date and he just had to know if he should bring a bathing suit. Exactly how he thought it would get to that point in a casual meeting wasn't questioned, for some reason and I should have just suggested he not bring one, anyways, to increase the chance of nude swimming. With access to the GIS map equipment in the Geography department's lab I quickly pulled up an aerial image from the database, located the address, then showed him there was in fact a pool. This being in the days before the ubiquity of satellite and aerial images from places like Yahoo! Bing and Google, he freaked out. For some reason wanting to know whether or not he needed aquatic clothing for a first date was somehow less creepy than pulling up a blurry image of a house as shot from above. Today his fear would seem out of place. Now we stalk everything online, including new cars. Of course, Lucky Chuck reminds us there are still proprietress of the older and more honest form of stalking.

I once did that with a girlfriend.

Do you think that's why she left me?

I miss her...

I wonder where she is.

Ah, she's in Reno. With her new boyfriend.

He's a douche.

Maybe I'll go to Reno. I hear it's nice this time of year.

Oh wait, she's leaving Reno now...

No, maybe I won't go to Reno.