Commenter Of The Day: Sexy Kitchen Appliances Edition

I'm not sure I'll ever own a candy apple red sports car. It's just not my aesthetic. I'd prefer to drive a brown Porsche or a sand-colored Mercedes. One object I don't mind owning in this racy color is the my Oster 6297 Convection Toaster Oven. I can toast six slices of toast on it one minutes, make a pizza the next, and then top it all off with a baked brie for desert. It's sexy, I must admit. So is the Lexus LFA, even if it comes from a company that makes more appliances than Oster. I'm thinking Ash78 might object to my appliance choices.

This reminds me of last week when my microwave died and I went shopping for white appliances. There are relatively few out there anymore, depending on your store choice. It's really kind of sickening to see how trendy stainless steel (or faux versions) have become these days, since everyone apparently thinks they deserve a high-end feel and are willing to pay a 30%+ premium for it. I think this is called affluenza.

I finally ended up finding a really nice GE Profile open-box microwave in white, which was marked down to $150 (from $479 MSRP!). Quite a steal, and only one part missing. The salesmen just said they were clearing it out because nobody asks about white anymore.

Anyway, nice to see there are still some really badass appliances in white.

Didn't realize it was Ash until I started writing it up, going to have to stop giving that guy COTDs.


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