When Thomas Edison invented the first modern incandescent light bulb (sort of), he inadvertently created the light bulb joke. You've heard them all before. A person is asked how many of a certain type of individual are required to screw in a light bulb. Unless the proper answer is given, the questioner explains X number of people are needed because of the shortcomings of the particular people mentioned. For example, you may wonder how many Texans it takes to screw in a light bulb. We can tell you, with much certainty, it would take 40 or 50 Texans to pull it off. But to their credit, it is a gigantic light bulb. The Acura NSX cancellation turned on a gigantic light bulb in the mind of Uberdude328i, who had to conclude the Carpocalypse is truly here.

Ya know, with every trend/crisis/revolution there is a moment in the cycle when every person says "Wait a minute, this does affect me!" In many cases the epiphany event will be the same for a lot of people, like when you're company lays you and the 90 guys in the cubes around off. Some epiphanies will be quite specific. Like when a stray bullet pokes a hole in the only water bucket a young Nigerian father has.

With the Carpocalypse looming on my horizon for a while now, this moment, Honda canceling the NSX, is when I stopped for a second and said, "Wait, this whole Carpocalypse thing does kinda suck." The big-three bailout FAIL was fun to watch, but there are really only two cars in those stables that look the least bit appealing to me. Hearing that Honda was cutting production was unfortunate news but their current product line up is less that inspiring to me. It took hearing that the future of the auto industry, the thoughts, ideas, and concepts (literally) were coming under fire. I realized that we are not only fighting to keep the cars we have, but to keep the momentum that the American auto industry has had since 1901. If things continue like they have, we're looking at decades of lost progression. Manufacturers will be looking to sell what they know they can sell instead of finding news ways to entice my automotive curiosity.

I guess that's what it was for me. Knowing that the continued progression of the automobile was now in jeopardy for me to stop, take notice, and write a really long comment on a blog. What'll it take you?

We'd be really bummed if they even hinted at canceling the G8 ST. Good thing no one has, huh? Right? RIGHT!?!

Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images